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Hi Matildas, I am a 90s kid and I remember growing up, straight hair was a huge thing. I kind of want to add it to one of my ‘shh – list’,  each one of us at some point in our teenage years wanted to have straight hair and those who had it flaunted it like it was a big thing. But now things have changed a lot, no matter what kind of hair you have, wavy, straight or curly; gurl you pretty… Okay.

But also, the world has gotten faster and things we thought in our days were a big thing now days are just a click away, just like hair straightening. In this article about Hair Straightening Creams: how to wow 2021, let us relive those silly days again.

What are hair straightening creams?

Just like its name, this cream is used in getting straightened hair.  straightening creams designed to protect your hair from heat. Every time we apply heat to our hair it weakens our roots and threatens the health of our hair. Straightening cream contains soybean extracts that nourish each hair strand and lock hair moisture.  They also remove frizz from your hair and protect them from damage and breakage.

How heat damages your hair?

Heat can damage your hair and make them appear dry and also increase split ends. It also increases hair fall and makes it look unsettled.

Top 5 common hair straightening creams used in salons

  1. Matrix Opti Straight Cream: give your hair resistant natural-looking silky hair.
  2. Streax Pro Hair Straightening Cream, Intense: this cream is fit for women’s hair, and the organic silicone solvents infused innovative formula is replete with features like being water-resistant and the ability to protect and strengthen the hair. hair straightening cream will also condition your hair and make the bonds of your hair.
  3. Marc Anthony True Professional Simply Straight Intense: it is not just any hair straightening cream, if you have hair that’s a curly and thick volume, this is just the product for you.
  4. L’Oreal X-tenso Straightener Cream: this is one of the most famous straightening creams in the market. It is used in most salons.
  5. Glatt Schwarzkopf Hair Straightener Cream: according to sources- Area of usage: – Hair Straightening of all curly Hair Types Instructions: Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straight Cream can be used on all curly hair types.

5 best hair straightening creams can be used at home

All of these straightening creams can be easily used at home and come at a very reasonable price. And as I explained before it is very important to apply the cream.

  1. Streax Pro Hair Straightening Cream 
  2. Wellastrate Intense Straightening Cream
  3. Marc Anthony True Professional Simply Straight Intense
  4. L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream
  5. Matrix Opti Straight Cream

Do’s and don’ts while straightening:

  1. Never straighten wet hair
  2. Use a hair protection spray
  3. Always separate hair into sections before straightening.
  4. Don’t change the setting of your straightener to hottest

These were some important steps and brands that matildas that you should look up for while trying to buy straightening creams or going to salons for straightening.

I hope this article on Hair Straightening Creams: how to wow 2021, guides you through all the correct steps. Thank you.

From Home to Salon: Top 5 Hair Straightening Creams to Choose From
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From Home to Salon: Top 5 Hair Straightening Creams to Choose From
a list of top home or salon straightening creams that prevent your hair from heat damage and are affordable.
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