Guide to Makeup for Men

Makeup or Make-up what does it mean? Simply you can say it is the method by which something is put together. So if we go by the textbook, there is no mention of gender. There never was! Makeup is a fun thing, it is an art. Art belongs to all and everyone has the right to create it. Therefore, here is a guide to makeup for men and how to start with it.

How to Start with Makeup: Men Edition

How to Start with Makeup

With the increasing use of social media and its influence on people’s lives, people are becoming more and more aware of others’ lives. They are also becoming more and more open to opportunities. With makeup videos blowing up on the internet, it is becoming more acceptable. Several self-claimed makeup artists and professional makeup artists have come and explained their makeup routines and tricks to make it easy for newbies.

Why should men wear makeup?

Natural male makeup looks are something you may have heard about. Men around the globe are slowly catching on and paying attention to this trend. It’s no secret that men love makeup, whether it’s celebrities, influencers, or Gen Z. You can wear simple and natural makeup on men or you can wear bold, powerful makeup on men. Starting small with makeup is recommended if you’re just dipping your toes into the field. Makeup for men can be challenging if you’re not careful about picking the right products and applying them correctly. With patience and practice, all can be conquered.

Why should men wear makeup

Once you start getting comfortable and confident in your work, you can start experimenting more and more.

Here we have noted down some main guide posts on men’s makeup:


Generally, men’s skin has more pores compared to women’s. To build a flawless base it is really important to minimize those pores. And here comes the importance of primers. A good pore-minimizer or skin-blurring primer can work wonders. Makeup primers help fill in your pores, smoothen your skin, and creates a smooth canvas for further makeup.


Our recommendations for men who are just starting with makeup are to skip using foundation at first. You do not need high coverage unless you are attending a party, wedding, or event. As a beginner, it can be tricky to get the shade of foundation right.

Choosing Concealer

Finding the right concealer could be the first hurdle for you in this game. It is very chaotic out there in the retail market. With so many brands and options cleaning to be the best could become a pressure for you. Start by applying a light layer of concealer on your face and blend it properly. You can build up the coverage as you need. Nowadays,  you can virtually match your shade using different apps.


Always keep a setting powder in your kit. Using it will help you set your base and can help build light coverage. Invest in a pressed powder. Using this product is a breeze, and it leaves a great finish. Your skin will also look mattified and refreshed after using it. You can also use it for touch-ups.


Some might say why would men need mascara? but it is a game-changer! A few coats of mascara can elevate you. There are various mascara shades that you could play with even with a simple base makeup. And, do not fret. Wearing mascara is acceptable for men and worthy of flaunting. Voluminous lashes never hurt anyone. And You can go to websites and try out virtually how it looks.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays help prevent smudging. They help your makeup to stay put for long hours.

Lip Balm

It is important to have soft, supple, and smooth lips. Lip balms are therefore an essential part of every makeup kit. You can nourish and moisturize your lips by using lip balm. It is also possible to use tinted lip balm as a blush!

Here is a list of a few tips and tricks to do with your makeup, men:

  1. The application of makeup is beyond gender constraints and is the same for all genders. It starts with prepping up the skin.
  2. Cleanse your hand and face before applying makeup as germs can cause acne.
  3. Choose your perfect concealer to try to look in different lights.
  4. Start by applying for light coverage then build it up.
  5. Avoid touching your beard or mustache while applying foundation.
  6. To hide the accidental foundation in your beard, use mascara.
  7. The mascara hack could be used to hind and white hair in your beard or mustache.

Makeup is a ‘one size fits all’ concept, it sees no gender! If you are someone who loves makeup, do not shy away from it and embrace it. Let us all stand up for  Makeupformen.

Guide to Makeup for Men : How to Start with Makeup
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Guide to Makeup for Men : How to Start with Makeup
Makeup fits all genders. Guide to makeup for men is here to help you out and help you realize that it is okay to embrace it.
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