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Hi dear Matildas, it’s ‘us’ again, you reading me, I have already done writing. I know I know, I know your question. What the hell is MATILDA?? Ummm, to be accurate Matilda is my alter ego, my bestie, so you all are Matildas to me because you are all so lovely. And I understand my Matildas being picky and all fussy over finding the correct nail polish. I do it because I am the same. We all see so many new fashion products trending on different platforms of social media, but not all of them are worth buying,

yeah..remember..budget! So today let us understand more about the top   7 brands of holographic nail polish in 2021.

The human mind is inquisitive and works beyond restraints. I would not say it is a lot different from your regular nail polish but we can say it’s nail polish with perks.

Holographic nail polishes are nail polishes that contain specialized micro-particles called SpectraFlair. These particles are mini prisms that create a sparkling multicolored rainbow effect on your nails. Citation. Umm.. it is somewhat like having a rainbow on your nails. The rainbow effect can be either scattered or can have a definite or linear form. They instantly turn your favorite polishes into holographic ones and they can add sparkly life to your nail art.

(wait a minute, are 3D nails the same as digitalizing nails???? Pardon my weird sense of connecting scenarios, matildas.)

The Best Holographic Nail Polish brands that easily be found on amazon are as follows:

iMethod holographic nail polish

iMethod holographic nail polish

Wait, what??? Real silver??? God help me, this is the first for me. This stunning holographic nail powder is imported from Germany.

  1. Yes, iMethod holographic powder contains real silver and not aluminum like other brands. It gives your nailsa  true shine like an iridescent unicorn!
  2. It is a good product at a decent price and as a perk, You can achieve different holographic color looks using a colorful base underneath the powder.
  3. This holo nail powder is the 35 Micron, the finest grade available. It is easy to burnish on a NO-WIPE top coat.
  4. Its Set features 9 different fine micro-pigments that can be used to create the most magical nails!
  5. The Set features 9 different fine micro-pigments that can be used to create the most magical nails! Pure physics no babe.


Wenida holographic nail polish

Wenida holographic nail polish

Matildas, you like to stay indoors, right? because if you do this one is just the perfect product for you.

  1. Born beauty holo powder is 10 Micron and made of 100% pure Synthetic Resin Powder, non-toxic,and  long-lasting. Smooth and non-grainy texture gives a better effect on your nails. In simple words, a salon finish.
  2. It makesa  great chrome mirror effect and laser chameleon effect, which varies with the change of viewing angle, base color, and light.
  3. Remember those most exciting words during your PT class? Get set go. No special nail art skill is required, just follow up the instruction, and it will be quite easy and get perfect nail art at home.
  4. All you creativebusinesswomenn listen to me-  Colorful Nail Powder is suitable to be applied on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, etc, also a helpful DIY tool for decorating home, cellphones case, glasses, body art, etc
  5. QUICK TRIAL: 8 pieces False Nails are used for practice and color test

Rating: 4.3/5

BORN PRETTY holographic nail polish

BORN PRETTY holographic nail polish

I love the brand name

  1. The powder is made of high-quality material, which makes the powder thinner and easier to apply on nails. And it also brings a super good effect.
  2. One of the most classical colors of nail art, suitable for any base color and using other nail artdecorationsn.Can be used widely.
  3. Only a small amount can have a great effect. Saving both your precious time and the laser powder. Wow, such efficiency!
  4. You need to put a bit of pressure on ittoo make sure it’s burnished in really well. Brush off the excess. If the surface sparkles, it means you didn’t press hard enough. Careful Matildas.

Rating: 4.2/5

Beetles holographic nail polish

Beetles holographic nail polish

Who else is a fan of band beetles? I apologize, I am drifting

  1. Contains 8 Jarsof  Nail Powder with 8 pcs eyeshadow sticks and 1 brush: Holographic Laser Silver, Chrome Gold, Chrome Silver, Chrome Pink, Chrome Purple, Pearlescent Blue, Pearlescent Green, Iridescent Powder
  2. Itis  Made of 100% pure Synthetic Resin Powder, non-toxic, and long-lasting. Smooth and non-grainy texture.
  3. The colorful nail powder is suitable to be applied on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, etc, a helpful DIY tool for nail art design. The different polish will give different actual effects.
  4. The powder can be used with both UV Gel Polish and normal nail polish
  5. Cons:  Mayproducet an allergic reaction by skin contact. Read directions for use carefully. For professional use only. Only used for nails. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. Rinse them immediately should the product come into contact with them. If there is any incident, contact the doctor immediately. Stop using the product if redness and itching develop. Keep out of the reach of children.

Rating: 4.5/5

LilyAngel holographic nail polish

lilyangel holographic nail polish

Another good name! So many creative people out there in this world.

  1. LilyAngel strictly controls the product’s quality and provides friendly, easy-to-reach support, we promise to take 100% responsibility for any issues with our products.
  2. Just follow up the instruction as a product description,and  you can easily get the effect you like.
  3. Recommendbeinge used overa  gel topcoat and sealed with a gel topcoat. Best used with No Wipe Gel Top Coat.

Rating: 4.3/5Ivetteo holographic nail polish

Ivetto holographic nail polish

  1. The chrome nail powder is made of a mica substrate plus a little pearlescent pigment. It is very safe to apply to your nails due to its non-toxic materials.
  2. 15 Colorful Colors – you can decorate beautiful and colorful manicures as you wish.
  3. Just simply keep your nails clean, apply a layer of base oil, then apply a thin layer of nail powder, at last, apply a layer of coat oil

Rating: 4.4/5

Elite99 holographic nail polish

Elite99 holographic nail polish

  1. Color resistant, flexible, and shiny resistant to any test, create a high shine, luxury manicure with instant results. Long-lasting, with proper application, it can last up to 14 to 21 days
  2. Healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients are used to produce great gel polish. Non-toxic and harmless resin, no poisonous materials used that offer you a reassuring nail art experience
  3. The Rainbow Nail Polish doesn’t need to be cured under an LED/UV nail lamp. Need to use a metallic topcoat or no cleantopcoatt for a perfect effect.

These werethe  Top 7 brands of Holographic Nail Polishes in 2021 that any well-informed buyer could think of buying. Let us know whether or not you enjoyed the article. Thank you for your read.

Faq of Holographic Nail Polishes

Types of Holographic Nail Polishes

linear pigment creates a uniform linear rainbow, There are many types of holographic nail polish- The scattered pigment has multiple sizes of holo particles creating a scattered dancing rainbow effect, glitter holo combines the holo rainbow and sparkly textured glitter for a double whammy holo sparkle effect on the nails.

What is regular nail polish?

Your regular nail polish is the normal polish you use at home without any 3d effect.

What is Holographic effect nail polish?

Holographic nail polish is a nail polish with a 3d effect.

Top 7 Brands of Holographic Nail Polishes In 2023
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Top 7 Brands of Holographic Nail Polishes In 2023
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