Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets For Skin And Hair

Have you ever heard of niacinamide or collagen and ever heard of Phyto? Of course, you have. These are the essential skincare elements now trending on social media being their kind of stars. But, old is gold especially if it’s about passed down skincare regime through generations. Therefore we bring you ancient Indian beauty secrets for your skin and hair.

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Natural treatments always beautify your skin from the inside out. Our grannies and moms have passed them down from generation to generation. Indian ancient beauty secrets are chemical-free, skin and hair-friendly, organic, budget-friendly, and easy.


To break away from chemical-laden products, neem is your go-to item for your skin and hair. There are so many anti-acne products in the market nowadays that claim to have neem in them. But why invest in something that is produced in mass when you can have it all to yourself for a few bucks? And if you are in India it is free of cost.

For Skin:

Neem is a full-fledged acne assassin. Neem has anti-bacterial properties which help reduces acne and clarify skin. Crush a few leaves, add a few drops of aloe or water and form a paste and then apply it to the face as a pack. Let it sit and dry for a while. Then wash it off with cold water and pat dry using a soft towel. Do this every day to treat your skin.

For Hair:

In a pot boil a few neem leaves for 15 minutes and strain the water. After shampooing use the water to rinse your hair. The neem water can help get rid of dandruff and an itchy scalp.


Incorporate your daily routine with saffron and pamper yourself. Saffron aka Kesar might sound like a luxury but it is rich in medicinal, antibacterial, and pharmacological properties. It helps treat acne, pigmentation, inflammation, and dark spots.

For Skin:

It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins like A B C, and minerals that help enhance skin tone. If you have grown tired of using chemical products or toner and want to give your skin some break. Saffon is you. Try to buy authentic saffron stands. it is a bit expensive but it does wonders compared to your high-end complicated skincare routine. Take some saffron strands with milk and lemon drops. Then massage your skin with it. Wash it off using cold water and feel the difference yourself with regular use.

For Hair:

Saffron can help fight alopecia and hair loss. Hair fall is a major issue for everyone at any age. Saffron is your hero. Mix a few strands of saffron with mix and licorice powder and form a paste. Apply this paste on your scalp and let it dry then go shower and wash it off with shampoo. It purifies the scalp and follicles, promotes hair growth, and repairs damaged hair.


Whenever anyone speaks of Indian skincare or haircare amla is always spoken off. Like neem, many products claim to have amla in them but using it naturally has exceptional benefits. It has antibacterial and anti-aging properties and prevents premature greying.

For Skin:

Intake of amla juice can help with anti-aging, treating skin pigmentation, and good skin tone. Amla gives a natural glow and radiance from the inside out.

For Hair:

Being rich in Vitamin E it acts as a great conditioner for hair. It makes the hair look shiny and fizz free. It keeps your hair and scalp oil-free and helps with premature greying. Apply twice a week for better results.


You read it right. Ghee is extremely rich in compounds like omega-3 fatty acids and has anti-aging properties. A lot of Indians do not know that in the olden days, ghee was an integral part of Indian skincare and haircare. Apart from cooking, did you know it was used it’s way?

For Skin:

Using ghee can turn out to be like an elixir but not more than thrice a week. Too much of anything is bad, right? It keeps your skin smooth, moisturize, and youthful. Excellent moisturizer, it can heal chapped lips and dry cheeks. Acts as undereye treatment.

For Hair:

You can get all the compounds that you need to stimulate hair growth from ghee, such as omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, conjugated linoleic fatty acids, and vitamins A and E. They nourish the skin cells on the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles to grow. In addition to having vitamins and minerals, cow ghee also has antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties. This product can eliminate dandruff by preventing such fungi from growing.


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There were some ways to remember and appreciate your roots. The concept of Indian beauty lies in nature and cleansing internally. Beautiful Indian women and their Indian beauty features can vouch for these secrets. Focusing on natural things can make you go easy on both your budget and body. Thank you, Matildas, for being here.

What were the skincare practices in ancient India?

Methods like Tailams (Oils) and Ghritas (Clarified butter or ghee) were used for facial beautification. Hair wash routine used natural homegrown products such as shikakai, amla etc.

What were Ancient India's True Beauty standards?

If you have seen ancient carvings, it shows large eyes, narrow waist but wider hips, round breasts, black hair, moon-like face, and arched eyebrows. They all had long thick hairs.

Is there a sysmbol od beauty in India?

Lotus Flower. Goddesses like Laxmi are dipicted holding a lotus or a refrence to lotus is made when spoken about them.

Did ancient Indians wear makeup?

YES. Many archelogical evidence has been found during the digging such as makeup kits like Kajal. Both men and women in ancient Indus Civilizations used kajal to strengthen eyesight

Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets For Your Skin And Hair
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Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets For Your Skin And Hair
Ancient Indian beauty secrets have been passed down for generations. Reliable and effective, it might feel like an elixir for your skin.
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