Rice Water for Hair: Know, Make and Use Correctly
Rise and shine Matildas..with your gorgeous hair; well, of course, that is what all of us would like to do. But having a good hair day is difficult and maintaining healthy hair in an environment like this sounds like too much work.We all are part of the same race, trying to get it all under control. Personally if have...
Lakme Compact Powders for Glowing Skin

4 Best Lakme Compact Powder for Glowing Skin

‘A Powder is a Powder. What’s in a compact or talc???’ well, make no mistake missy, your compact can be that one missing ingredient from your magic cauldron. Who in this...
best lip balm for dark lips

Top 10 Best High Rated Lip Balms for Dark Lips

Too lazy to take care of your lip and too tired of having dark lips?Lip care routine is one of the most underrated skincare routines causes pigmentation in lips which could...
Top Foundations for All Skin Type

Top Foundations to shop in 2021: All Skin Types

Dear Matildas, let us break down your makeup schedule. Getting each part of makeup right is very important but you need to get that one step of all is absolutely correct....

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